rez Magazine

The leading virtual arts magazine REZ brings artists and creative people all over the world together. Time to join the team. Writers from Ukraine who reflect on arts in the META are invited to contact the editor Jami Mills – in Facebook [ ] or via Instant Message inworld in SL, OpenSim — or the WebMetaversum.


The first article dealing with the war in Ukraine, titled “This boy is electric” was published in March 2022. It is also available as a separate PDF.

Reconstructing Ukraine

Watch the celebration the French artist Terra Merhyem presented in META. Here is a live recording of the 1-hour show made via YouTube LIVE STREAM by Michael McHugh. As so often – even when there is a licence for a radio stream – it is later blocked by YouTube … Let us hope we get a short compilation in some days that will later not be blocked by YouTube.

Terra is now resting after the great show …

Reconstructing Ukraine is an open invitation to artists, builders, educators and supporting parties.