Rage Darkstone

Join the Grand Opening of Rage Darkstone’s installation at Craft World on September 12, 2022 at 1:00 PM PDT [22:00 CET]. Rage Darkstone is the second artist who created a picture of Borderland, which is the old name of UKRAINE. The past leads to the future and the present is what counts. Join the event in the Metaversum …

This is the invitation by Rage:

Friends, come and discover my vision of Ukraine’s Victory in the year 2025. I will carry out one of my building performances. This one is a lyrical and fantastic depiction of Ukraine’s military victory by the year 2025. In my building performances, I create and use a variety avatar outfits, NPCs, particles, streaming video media, while rezzing and derrezing prim and mesh statues, changing the windlight environment, all this accompanied by my choice of music and dance.

*** Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the performance at 1pm PDT on September 12 and take a seat; this because my building performances are highly immersive. During the performance, the audience moves around the build on chairs and dances to the music. It is important, therefore, that you arrive before the start the performance, and take a seat, as it is challenging to do so when the chairs are flying around the build during the performance.

*** Upon arriving, please also adjust the setting on your viewer  in order to view the performance fully (set draw distance to 400, used Advance Lighting Model and Shared Environment, set media to autoplay).

*** Dress code : Colors of Ukraine = Blue, Gold…