Imagine it is Zvook and everyone gets excited. The sound of art is so unique that you really got blown away.

First, you hear a whistle in the distance. You whisper “Art is coming.” Then the sound turns to something different. You wonder, “Has Art left the building?” A siren wails. “Art must hide, fast!” Then the Zvook effect happens. It makes a loud bang. Then there are the sounds of debris falling from the sky and finally, there is silence.

There is room for Art,” they say.

Take the challenge and post your answer in Facebook. What is Zvook? Where is Zvook?


Imagine Kisma is travelling to Ukraine right now. Imagine you are travelling there. What are your thoughts?

Whatever you might think. Come to the Grand Opening in Craft World on November 9, 2022 at 1:00 PDT.

Btw. “No performance” means the Grand Opening will be without actions as the artist wants that we think about what happens with kids when there is war.

Have a look inside KISMA’s atelier at Newport Beach, CA …

Hypergrid Business reports …

Rage Darkstone

Join the Grand Opening of Rage Darkstone’s installation at Craft World on September 12, 2022 at 1:00 PM PDT [22:00 CET]. Rage Darkstone is the second artist who created a picture of Borderland, which is the old name of UKRAINE. The past leads to the future and the present is what counts. Join the event in the Metaversum …

This is the invitation by Rage:

Friends, come and discover my vision of Ukraine’s Victory in the year 2025. I will carry out one of my building performances. This one is a lyrical and fantastic depiction of Ukraine’s military victory by the year 2025. In my building performances, I create and use a variety avatar outfits, NPCs, particles, streaming video media, while rezzing and derrezing prim and mesh statues, changing the windlight environment, all this accompanied by my choice of music and dance.

*** Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the performance at 1pm PDT on September 12 and take a seat; this because my building performances are highly immersive. During the performance, the audience moves around the build on chairs and dances to the music. It is important, therefore, that you arrive before the start the performance, and take a seat, as it is challenging to do so when the chairs are flying around the build during the performance.

*** Upon arriving, please also adjust the setting on your viewer  in order to view the performance fully (set draw distance to 400, used Advance Lighting Model and Shared Environment, set media to autoplay).

*** Dress code : Colors of Ukraine = Blue, Gold…

rez Magazine

The leading virtual arts magazine REZ brings artists and creative people all over the world together. Time to join the team. Writers from Ukraine who reflect on arts in the META are invited to contact the editor Jami Mills – in Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/jami.mills.50 ] or via Instant Message inworld in SL, OpenSim — or the WebMetaversum.


The first article dealing with the war in Ukraine, titled “This boy is electric” was published in March 2022. It is also available as a separate PDF.

Reconstructing Ukraine

Watch the celebration the French artist Terra Merhyem presented in META. Here is a live recording of the 1-hour show made via YouTube LIVE STREAM by Michael McHugh. As so often – even when there is a licence for a radio stream – it is later blocked by YouTube … Let us hope we get a short compilation in some days that will later not be blocked by YouTube.


Terra is now resting after the great show …

Reconstructing Ukraine is an open invitation to artists, builders, educators and supporting parties.


We invite you to join us on Friday, August 5, 2022, at 1:30 PM at the Grand Opening of UKRAINE 2025, an art installation and concert by Terra Merhyem. This is the first contribution to the Ukraine Borderland Art project. The head curator Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger has invited Terra to premiere this project. Her installation, being presented in Craft World on sim UKRAINE will be shown for 30 days then the next artist will take over. Terra has chosen a not-too-distant time frame for Ukraine: The year 2025.  

This is the invitation by Terra Merhyem:

Friend, come and discover my vision of Ukraine in the year 2025: another scenery than the one we know too much through the news!… My Concert will be also a discovery of Ukrainian music which, I hope, will “speak” to you as much as to me – made of intensity and emotions, of joy and tragedy… With deep, powerful voices!…

*  And come and meet with me one of the traditional heroes of Ukraine: the Cossack Mamai, warrior and musician…

*  My friend, come to my opening and concert to breathe something other than the smell of burning…, to listen to something other than the bursting of bombs…, to see something other than the smoking rubble…

*** Dresscode : Colors of Ukraine = Blue, Gold…

I, Rage, Art Blue, Juliette Surrealdreaming will be happy and honored by your presence…

Taxi in Craft-World grid: hop://craft-world.org:8002/Ukraine/133/89/23

About The Call Borderland:

Ukraine comes historically from Borderland – the land between borders. The Call to take part in Ukraine Borderland as an artist goes by invitation. How will Ukraine look in 5 years, in 10 years or in 200 years? Let us create a vision that reaches beyond the actual now and let the pictures we create be seen in the Web Metaversum. All contributions are being conserved and shown at various places. One is the Santorini Biennale Immersivia.

“Art is mainly a political act.” Kikos Papadopoulos, Founding Director of Santorini Biennale.

The call for Ukraine goes by the term ZERO POINT, which expresses that the location of a destruction can be located in the air, underground, or underwater. This way it differs from Ground Zero. Nevertheless, it is on the artist alone to transform the call to an artistic vision.



The Relay For Ukraine has transferred funds for Ukraine to Transparency International, Kyiv office. President Zelenskyy has now managed to create a platform where you can directly donate money via Credit Card, Banktransfer, Paypal and Cryptocurrency. Donations go to the National Bank of Ukraine. But shocking for us, the Metaverse Community: There is no way to donate with the currency we use! No Gloebit, no Linden, no ArtAcoin.


You may wonder about ArtAcoin. Yeah, that is Art Currency. ArtAC trades in art items which are converted to a scale of emotional impact. You could say it transfers DC to AC, it makes money human.


Yesterday I was at the Grand Opening of Storms of Steel created by Gem Preiz at CΛRELYNΛ’s ARTCARE GALLERY.


Sadly, the installation can be visited only in the world of Second Life. Storms of Steel on the Marble Cliffs relates to the publication In Stahlgewittern by Ernst Jünger (1895-1998).

Gem Preiz, a fractal artist living in France, creates immersive spaces in the Metaverse. The notecard he reads this way:

In “Storms of Steel” published in 1920 (In Stahlgewittern), the German writer relates with terrifying realism his physical and mental experience as a young man engaged in the heart of the fighting and destruction of the 1st World War.

Almost 20 years later in 1939 on the eve of World War II, and avoiding censorship thanks to his war hero status, he published “On the Marble Cliffs” (Auf den Marmorklippen). In this magnificent metaphorical novel, he describes the resistance against the rising peril of dictatorship, and the refuge that the marble cliffs ultimately provide, figuration of the inner peace and resilience that enable one to overcome barbarism, when it cannot be defeated. The title of these two works inspired that of this exhibition, which strives to make their themes resonate visually: threat and destruction on the one hand, resilience and spiritual peace on the other.

Although tragic current events inspired the idea for this exhibition, it should not be seen as specifically related to Ukraine, as the oppression and the horror of war are universal and timeless. Moreover, it does not aim to advocate any attitude in front of these dangers, especially a form of renunciation or withdrawal, but only to illustrate Jünger’s point : if the victory against barbarism by the fight is justified, it is in the heart of each human being that the ultimate victory, the one of the spirit over violence, must take place.

I decided to take photos from his installation and will put them as rotating images on the homepage of Relay-For-Ukraine.

Gem Preiz does not give much attention to social media. Both accounts, Gem Preiz and Art Kangem are not really active, so I guess to visit him inworld SL or Opensimulator is the best you can do.

There are many publications about the work of Gem Preiz. They reach back to 2013 when he created The Cathedral of Fractals and the Cathedral Dreamer.

Just dreaming that the war might end fast can’t be all. That’s why the Pope must go to Ukraine.

Support the Relay by joining the group on facebook.


After rez Magazine published WHY THE POPE HAS TO GO TO LVIV Mons. Edgar LeGate confirmed that the message was received and that the trip is now being arranged.

Questions arise if Sandro Mariotti is already preparing the luggage, but of more importance will be how Santa Alleanza will manage to bring Pope Francis from Lviv to Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine.

Read in rez Magazine that the Annunciator was called in FRAMEVR.

The President’s voice was heard …

On the first day of Pope Francis’s trip to Malta, the Pope told the press that the idea of a peace crusade will work out …

More to read at: In rez we Believe. [to rez means to bring into the world]