Hypergrid Hoppers posted under the headline WE ARE GOING TO UKRAINA an event that will happen on March 22 at 10:00 AM PDT [Los Angeles time]. In Central European time it is 18:00. The duration of the event is one hour. Within this time you will get a message from the Servant of the people in the Metaverse. And here the message comes, right away …

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Art Blue, aka Reiner Schneeberger, has created an artistic journey that spans from the past to the future of Ukraine with a focus on Lviv, the main city in the western part of Ukraine, also known under its historic name Lemberg. Lviv/Lemberg is a world Unesco cultural heritage with an unbelievable richness in the arts.

The visitors will sit on chairs arranged in a circle and look at the stage in the middle. By moving up towards the sky various stations are being presented. The travel and presentation concept is called Infinite Theatre and is part of the VWBPE conference interactive display. The screen and the camera of the visitor will be controlled by the Infinite HUD that was first used in the META Uplift at the OSCC 21.

The trip will start with the Ten-ton Stone Of Suffering that Alexander Schwarz, the last survivor of the 2nd World War concentration camp in Lemberg put in place in 1993.


Then the audience will move up to a field of 35 smaller stones to reflect on the first bombing that happened close to Lviv on Monday, March 14, then bridging to the next station where the founder of the Santorini Biennale will send his message: Art is mainly a political act.

Stones and trees by Venus Adored [Advanced Light Model needed]

There is more to tell. One is 1709 UKRAINA an asteroid that was dedicated in 1925 by the Russian astronomer Grigory Shajn to the people of Ukraine. An alien will tell the story and offer each visitor a place inside. Launching date: 2025.

Then it will be time for big art. Hashmask 15753 presents the visualization by which he will blockchain the artists that will contribute to Lviv Art Biennale 2025. Hashmask 15753 is financing the building of an Art Refuge that will be set in place on the last station. The President of Ukraine will welcome the visitors. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was modelled by Sun Tzu aka David Fliesen and the HG Hoppers will meet the Ukrainian President and his cabinet.

The Infinite Theatre trip on March 22 starts at 10:00 AM PDT and shares contributions of Venus Adored, Thoth Jantzen, Jo Ellsmere, Kisma Reidling, Art Eames, Hashmask 15753, Sun Tzu. The platforms have been created by Juliette Surreal-D.

The Hypergrid address is:


Mateusz Morawiecki, Petr Fiala and Janez Janša will meet The Servant of the People, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, in Kyiv to look inside Putin’s head. A bit late? Yeah, one day after we travelled to Lviv and did it – The Look. But they are now risking their lives by sitting in a train. We just risked it to be called absurd. But that’s the fate of Art, right?

Time to tell you what the scouts reported when being inside Putin’s head. It was a giant head rezzed at Ukraine, an event and fundraiser for Relay For Ukraine.

There is a better way than to tell. Take a look inside in person on April 14 when the Surreal Art Gallery will offer a re-make of this event. But stop, there is the META event at VWBPE where it is announced: WE ARE GOING TO LVIV. Why we are going to Lviv? Did we predict a repetition of a historic trip?

In 2008 Lech Kaczyński travelled to Tbilisi

Polens damaliger Präsident Lech Kaczyński war damals mit den Staats- beziehungsweise Regierungschefs der Ukraine und der baltischen Staaten nach Tiflis geflogen und hatte gewarnt, Ziele der russischen Aggression seien „heute Georgien, morgen die Ukraine, übermorgen die baltischen Staaten und dann vielleicht mein Land.“FAZ

Translated by Google:

Poland's then President Lech Kaczyński flew to Tbilisi with the heads of state and government of Ukraine and the Baltic States and warned that the targets of Russian aggression were "Today Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, the day after tomorrow the Baltic States and then maybe my country." [2008]

The presidents of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia don’t need a lecture in politics. They deserve our respect. They went to Lviv and from there by train to Kyiv. For the full trip, we did not have the guts. We teleported instead — inside the head of Putin. We saw a Chinese flag. There was no Exit. We TPed out.



It might have been the last time we saw reality. On March 14 Marina Ovsyannikova‘s presented a poster on the national TV of Russia. Her bravery is now celebrated all over the world. What the world did not grab is that reality will end — or has already ended. I posted in Ukraine Online a question, that was also a statement: “What if buffer technology will be used? News will be no longer live, reality will run through a 10-second buffer …” It is not an if, it is a when. I predict that March 14, 2022 is the day when reality has ended. Buffered reality will take over. “It’s buffered reality” will become a saying. Fake News was yesterday.


Alternate Reality

We need virtual reality, then Marina would still be free. She would have sent her Avatar, an ALT, of course, protected by Anonymous. Virtually spoken she would be on board of 1709 UKRAINA. You ask, “How can we jump as normal people not protected by Anonymous from “here” where one can be arrested to “there” where we are still alive and safe?” I demonstrate to you. Words by Mark Zuckerberg are right now working only in one world flawlessly. Interestingly the world is called Second Life (SL). It is a 25-year old world. There are not many users, just about 70.000 concurrent ones. They create everything you see there by themselves. That makes the world special. Other Metaworlds go into the millions, but the technology to link from “here” to “there” is only implemented in SL.

You click on “Go to Link” and you get the destination in-world. You are there if you click on “Visit this location”.


What did the Servant yesterday say after being asked by Augustus, “What to do?” A cryptic message that must be discovered. We went on board the vessel Cloud Guide and travelled to the belt. Onboard of 1709 UKRAINA we deciphered the message and decided to spread the word. The editor of rez Magazine from Los Angeles, Jami Mills, was on call and we aired the result. You may think how this is possible? There must be quite a time delay as 1709 UKRAINA orbits the Sun in the inner main-belt at a distance between 1.9 and 2.9 AU. Let us do the math. During my AI is doing the hard work you may listen to the story THEY HAVE TAKEN ALL FROM US.

1 AU is 149,597,870.7 km or 92,955,807.3 miles. And how fast travels light? It’s not so difficult if you know how to Google. Yeah, 17 minutes is a good guess. Now you understand why the performance was set up for a duration of one hour and why we met first in the Cloud Guide and also went there at the end. Two times 17 made it possible to get the “OK” back from LA that our discovery will be printed in the April issue of rez Magazine.

TTTFO will make the world change.



Today we will go big. First, we meet Caesar and speak with him in person about history and what was left of his doings. De Bello Gallico, yes this is what stays, the novel I was reading at school. Then we ask The Servant of the People. He will sign his answers as he is too busy to speak to us, but his facial expressions will signal what to do next. And finally, we cannot skip to ask the great democrat, to be precise the flawless [lupenreiner] democrat as once the German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, said. Yes, Putin is meant. Sadly he has no time to join in person for a talk but due to the advanced technology, the META, we will jump in his head and finally understand history.

I said, we go big. We head to the asteroid belt where you can buy a sticker for the cause. A travel to 1709 UKRAINA is expensive. Here are the coordinates …

And as the trip to the asteroid takes a while there will be music on board. Nightwish, Wishmaster will be one song.


The focus of the monthly art magazine “rez” – issue No. 121 – is about UKRAINE. I contributed the short story THIS BOY IS ELECTRIC.

In an invite to a come together in SL on Monday 14, 2022 at 1:00 PM PDT [Los Angeles time] I wrote on a notecard which you will get a copy inworld:

“I want to invite you to do something that is artistic but also easy and can be done anonymously in SL. Jump for a photo on the cloud ship 1709 UKRAINA. I will send photos of the avatars who join to the press and to Putin. The president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is informed, also the German Embassy of Ukraine. The editor of rez Magazine, Jami Mills, dedicated the March issue of rez Magazine to Ukraine where I contributed “This Boy Is Electric.” The story pings back to the times when the president was a comedian. He studied law before he went into show biz, so it might be a must to say that he was always a political actor. Now he is the respected leader of Ukraine.”



Today I joined the Science Circle in the Metaverse for a presentation about the founding of the nation and the state of Ukraine. It was given by Merrill Johnson (SL: Meryl McBride / Merrill Johin), Professor of Geography at Colorado State University. If you ever seek a person knowing much about the Ukrainian history and the arguments in present time Merill Johnson is the one.



On March 17, 2022, we are going to Liv. That is the name of a theatrical play that spans art and culture over time. Beginning in the 20s of the last century with painters like Alexander Bogomazov and ending in the year 2047 with Tillo-Tallo. You need an invite by VWBPE, the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2022.

This trip is an UPLIFT using INFINITE THEATRE technology.


You need an Avatar in a grid that is connected to the hypergrid network. The hypergrid address is Region name is META


Right now things in the east of Ukraine are very bad, the infrastructure is collapsing. The western part of the country and the capital city is still working. This makes it still possible to send money direct to Kyiv.

James O’Reilly who goes in SL by the name Eurominuteman Jameson is evaluating the various fundraising activities in SL. He is also active in Sine Space and IMVU. James O’Reilly told me of a direct payment to the Kyiv office by Transparency International. I tested the payment via Transparency International – Kyiv office – and wrote a sort of a step-by-step guide, you get here as a PDF. Some messages are coming up in the Ukrainian language and the payment is calculated in UAH [Ukrainian hryvnia]. In case you want to donate more than a few hundred Linden Dollars, then the direct payment is the right way. There are many organizations trustworthy. It is not on me to give advice. I stick to information only.

The Relay for Ukraine takes insights from the program Artrefuge that runs in UK and in France. Their mission: “… using art and art therapy to support people who are displaced and offering crisis support and consultation to frontline staff, in the UK and internationally.” International research has shown that virtual realms can very successfully support such concepts and are sometimes the only way.

Relay for Ukraine can be seen as an ARTREFUGE in the META, providing to communicate and to interact in a personal immersive way via Avatars. There is a 15-minute video by Mark Zuckerberg that shows his vision. I wrote an article where I deal with such visions, called it GOD 9000. You can read GOD 9000 online in rez Magazine. I made a special version to show how to read such an article. Watch the video and you will see the change compared to traditional reading.


In the Metaverse we are able to process small donations without conversion losses or big handling fees. When you donate 1,000 Linden Dollars you make a donation of an equivalent of about 3.12 USD [Exchange Guru by March 11, 2022]. When at the end of the day are 50,000 Linden Dollars collected then there might have been 1,000 transactions behind. The loss within these 1,000 individual payments is zero. Similar goes in opensimulator worlds for small amounts in Gloebit, which is an Altcoin. Paypal takes a basic fee in each transaction and a provision so it makes only sense if you donate individually at least 10 USD.


Relay for Ukraine follows the ideas of a Relay For Life in the Metaverse. You might ask if help and awareness can work in the Meta, can work with Avatars? So best to show you right now that it can work. It takes you less than four minutes.

Now you may ask why Second Life? Maybe you heard a lot of negative about this world. In 2009 I gave a class at the University of Malta to students in the art and education department.

We created a virtual gallery and we had an exhibition at St. James Cavalier, which is the premier location for art events next to the parliament. Keep in mind the educational video is nearly 15 years old. Avatars at this time have been prim-made, now they are mesh-made, they are looking totally different.

After the hype of Second Life faded in 2010 criticism took place, but the reasons behind are mostly based on a lack of understanding SL. SL, the shortcut of Second Life, has become a technology like Mastercard or Visa. You can create things, present your creations and you can sell them. You can become rich in whatever you create in the Metaverse. You can also sell paintings or tickets. A very successful show, that was always sold out, was Paradise Lost. I was one of the actors in 2015 …

Now, almost 10 years later, we know of bitcoins and Altcoins. SL has virtual real money since 2004 and has a bank licence via its subsidiary Tilia. It is called the Linden Dollar and it is convertible. See it this way: Mastercard and Visa are not bad or good. It is a payment technology. Now both have stopped working in Russia. Second Life is “under the radar” and works globally. Opensimulator is just internet, so the only way to cut it off would be to shut down the internet.

Technology [skip it if you are not a tech pro]

SL is based on an engine that was originally developed by Berkeley University and has spread as a technology to the Meta itself. These Metaworlds use Opensimulator and the code is opensource. You may have heard of game engines like Unity or Godot. SL is in a way the front-end (the user interface) made by Linden Lab, the owner of SL. To say it straight: the technology belongs to us all. It is set on open licence by Berkley. But not the payment technology, that is sole on Linden Lab.

Relay for Ukraine is in the Meta and works in Linden Dollar in SL and in the Metaverse [outside SL] with Paypal and Gloebit [an Altcoin]. Both Metaverse platforms [SL and opensim] have the same Avatars style. Relay for Ukraine works in both types of worlds and also on the web via Paypal, bitcoin and Altcoin. If anyone is interested to bring it to other Meta worlds like SineSpace, contact me.


What shall happen in case things went beyond the level of awareness? When money is collected? This will be discussed in the Meta. I run a non-profit NGO through which the Relay For Ukraine Fundraiser will be channelled. This allows for legal donation in a state supervised program. The operating NGO is for education – [also in schools, see one project we called Primexplorer], scientific research and for financing events mainly in the fields of art, teaching and education, including training the trainers.

I have reached out to the Ukrainian University in Munich to discuss setting up a program for the arts, which one of the primary goals for the Relay For Ukraine fundraiser is to support them, to give a lecture there for artists and interested people coming as refugees from Ukraine so to open a door for them to express artistically what they want to express. It is said, that to deal with trauma, to work things out is the best way, so that is my idea for small money.

I found an entry by the University of Ukraine on facebook stating: “UVU students created a project of pedagogical and psychological support for children and adults who were forced to leave their homes in Ukraine and arrived in Munich.”

There is more to come …

I want Relay For Ukraine to be successful, raising a high amount in Linden Dollars and other currencies that are used in the Metaverse. In 2020 the Relay for Life raised over $400,000USD SL for the Cancer Relay. You have seen the video right?

Relay For Ukraine also sets a high goal to offer Grants to students who wish to take the Masterclass at the Ukrainian University. They will spread the word of quality in the Metaverse as my students did in 2009 which you can see by scrolling in the catalogue I in 3D that was printed. Also, the publication KATATONENKUNST might be of interest.

If you miss the usual ways, to collect money for food and shelter, then you may just check out other ways to donate. The European Union is given billions of Euro to support the refugees so they will survive. The Relay for Ukraine focuses on a different setting: one for the mind by using the Metaverse as a global way to meet, work and to express oneself in an artistic way.

[Reiner Schneeberger]