Right now things in the east of Ukraine are very bad, the infrastructure is collapsing. The western part of the country and the capital city is still working. This makes it still possible to send money direct to Kyiv.

James O’Reilly who goes in SL by the name Eurominuteman Jameson is evaluating the various fundraising activities in SL. He is also active in Sine Space and IMVU. James O’Reilly told me of a direct payment to the Kyiv office by Transparency International. I tested the payment via Transparency International – Kyiv office – and wrote a sort of a step-by-step guide, you get here as a PDF. Some messages are coming up in the Ukrainian language and the payment is calculated in UAH [Ukrainian hryvnia]. In case you want to donate more than a few hundred Linden Dollars, then the direct payment is the right way. There are many organizations trustworthy. It is not on me to give advice. I stick to information only.

The Relay for Ukraine takes insights from the program Artrefuge that runs in UK and in France. Their mission: “… using art and art therapy to support people who are displaced and offering crisis support and consultation to frontline staff, in the UK and internationally.” International research has shown that virtual realms can very successfully support such concepts and are sometimes the only way.

Relay for Ukraine can be seen as an ARTREFUGE in the META, providing to communicate and to interact in a personal immersive way via Avatars. There is a 15-minute video by Mark Zuckerberg that shows his vision. I wrote an article where I deal with such visions, called it GOD 9000. You can read GOD 9000 online in rez Magazine. I made a special version to show how to read such an article. Watch the video and you will see the change compared to traditional reading.


In the Metaverse we are able to process small donations without conversion losses or big handling fees. When you donate 1,000 Linden Dollars you make a donation of an equivalent of about 3.12 USD [Exchange Guru by March 11, 2022]. When at the end of the day are 50,000 Linden Dollars collected then there might have been 1,000 transactions behind. The loss within these 1,000 individual payments is zero. Similar goes in opensimulator worlds for small amounts in Gloebit, which is an Altcoin. Paypal takes a basic fee in each transaction and a provision so it makes only sense if you donate individually at least 10 USD.