In short, ERVARE is the coded word for REINER. When you enter the string REINER into a ROT-13 cypher you get ERVARE. The message behind: We live in a coded world.

Since 2014 I write monthly in rez Magazine so you can read endlessly my stories on codes and on cyber hacks … and more … I use different names as not always Art Blue fits well. Art Blue is my identity for curating art. I am one of the curators of SANTORINI BIENNALE and I run an embassy in THE WRONG Biennale. I hold a passport by NSK – the stateless state of the arts – by the name of Kunst Blue. The New Slovenian Kunst movement lifted the German word Kunst up to an international term of art avantgarde and has a political dimension, so I took this chance to create an ALT, which stands in the Metaverse as a second or alternate identity. I am also active in UZUPIS.

ERVARE stands in Africaans for the old man knowing, and I like it. Watch the movie where I placed words I wrote into the mind of WAHTYE.