The Relay for Ukraine is not a charity. The best translation might be a non-profit organisation or an NGO. There are other translations for the German term “gemeinnützig.” The best is “For the public good.”

To get tax exemption for a non-profit organization you must fit in a category that is tax-exempt and report to the state annually where the money was used for. Most of such organizations are using the “e.V.” registration. This stands for a registered membership assassination. I plan to set up one for this sole purpose when there is a board of seven members reached [that is the minimum due to German law]. Right now that is not needed as the use of the money will be in arts and education and that is the current NGO set up for. This fits to what is said in the ABOUT posting.

The name of the organisation is Programmed Art e.V. It was founded under the name “Gesellschaft für Computergrafik und Computerkunst” in 1978 and is registered in the club register at the district court in Munich, Germany under the number VR 9477. The chief board adviser is since its foundation Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke. The renaming to the name Programmed Art [e.V.] happened on July 1st, 2020. The funds for running it comes mainly from the trust STIFTUNG KUNSTINFORMATIK.

This said, the costs of running the operation are fully covered and the donated money will be fully used for the purpose of supporting Ukrainian refugees with a focus on art. You can donate money via bank transfer.

Programmed Art e.V.

IBAN DE 94 70017000 9421136433



In case you donate not more than 300 Euro a copy of your bank payment slip is sufficient to get a tax reduction [valid only if you are a taxpayer in Germany]. If you want to donate a higher amount then specify your email-address. You will get a donor certificate via PDF. For German tax payers the paper is called Zuwendungsbestätigung (§ 10b EStG i. V. m. § 50 Abs. 1 EStDV). International donors get a receipt.

Please send an email – donation (at) – [or an IM to Ervare on facebook or to Art Blue in the Metaverses: SL, Craft-World, OS-Grid, Francogrid] if you need the tax-exempt certificate [Bestätigung der Gemeinnützigkeit] before you consider a payment. James O’Reilly got a copy and put our relay on his list of trusted fundraisers. Paypal is also available but a donation receipt for the tax will not be issued as it would need a verification of the donor which does not come on all Paypal accounts.


This call reaches out to activities in the META where we fundraise, meet, work and discuss. The artistic work supported will have to happen to a high degree by using the Metaverse and social platforms. For a start, we recommend the grid CRAFT WORLD. We will meet in a region named Ukraine [the name of the land shows up on the map].


Due to German law an Imprint is needed on first page. Also, a natural person has to be named who is responsible and can be personally held responsible and can be taken to court. Also, the living address has to be stated and the organizations where one has significant control to ensure transparency.