Hypergrid Hoppers posted under the headline WE ARE GOING TO UKRAINA an event that will happen on March 22 at 10:00 AM PDT [Los Angeles time]. In Central European time it is 18:00. The duration of the event is one hour. Within this time you will get a message from the Servant of the people in the Metaverse. And here the message comes, right away …

But first things first … Read the original full post: Hypergrid Art Hoppers going to Ukraina.

Art Blue, aka Reiner Schneeberger, has created an artistic journey that spans from the past to the future of Ukraine with a focus on Lviv, the main city in the western part of Ukraine, also known under its historic name Lemberg. Lviv/Lemberg is a world Unesco cultural heritage with an unbelievable richness in the arts.

The visitors will sit on chairs arranged in a circle and look at the stage in the middle. By moving up towards the sky various stations are being presented. The travel and presentation concept is called Infinite Theatre and is part of the VWBPE conference interactive display. The screen and the camera of the visitor will be controlled by the Infinite HUD that was first used in the META Uplift at the OSCC 21.

The trip will start with the Ten-ton Stone Of Suffering that Alexander Schwarz, the last survivor of the 2nd World War concentration camp in Lemberg put in place in 1993.


Then the audience will move up to a field of 35 smaller stones to reflect on the first bombing that happened close to Lviv on Monday, March 14, then bridging to the next station where the founder of the Santorini Biennale will send his message: Art is mainly a political act.

Stones and trees by Venus Adored [Advanced Light Model needed]

There is more to tell. One is 1709 UKRAINA an asteroid that was dedicated in 1925 by the Russian astronomer Grigory Shajn to the people of Ukraine. An alien will tell the story and offer each visitor a place inside. Launching date: 2025.

Then it will be time for big art. Hashmask 15753 presents the visualization by which he will blockchain the artists that will contribute to Lviv Art Biennale 2025. Hashmask 15753 is financing the building of an Art Refuge that will be set in place on the last station. The President of Ukraine will welcome the visitors. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was modelled by Sun Tzu aka David Fliesen and the HG Hoppers will meet the Ukrainian President and his cabinet.

The Infinite Theatre trip on March 22 starts at 10:00 AM PDT and shares contributions of Venus Adored, Thoth Jantzen, Jo Ellsmere, Kisma Reidling, Art Eames, Hashmask 15753, Sun Tzu. The platforms have been created by Juliette Surreal-D.

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