It might have been the last time we saw reality. On March 14 Marina Ovsyannikova‘s presented a poster on the national TV of Russia. Her bravery is now celebrated all over the world. What the world did not grab is that reality will end — or has already ended. I posted in Ukraine Online a question, that was also a statement: “What if buffer technology will be used? News will be no longer live, reality will run through a 10-second buffer …” It is not an if, it is a when. I predict that March 14, 2022 is the day when reality has ended. Buffered reality will take over. “It’s buffered reality” will become a saying. Fake News was yesterday.


Alternate Reality

We need virtual reality, then Marina would still be free. She would have sent her Avatar, an ALT, of course, protected by Anonymous. Virtually spoken she would be on board of 1709 UKRAINA. You ask, “How can we jump as normal people not protected by Anonymous from “here” where one can be arrested to “there” where we are still alive and safe?” I demonstrate to you. Words by Mark Zuckerberg are right now working only in one world flawlessly. Interestingly the world is called Second Life (SL). It is a 25-year old world. There are not many users, just about 70.000 concurrent ones. They create everything you see there by themselves. That makes the world special. Other Metaworlds go into the millions, but the technology to link from “here” to “there” is only implemented in SL.

You click on “Go to Link” and you get the destination in-world. You are there if you click on “Visit this location”.