I will add some more words in time. I want to avoid that it looks like a personal advertisement. May I invite you to have a look at The Gods of Informatics, published on Amazon? The first pages are free to read and there are some personal words.

I wrote a book about ISO certification and Quality Management and I hold an Auditor certificate issued by DGQ / EOQ as a lead auditor. Over 20 years I gave lectures in quality and risk management for ATIS.EDU, a training institute that was at this time licensed by DGQ. Now ATIS is doing immersive META technologies, so the licence was given back.

Btw. ERVARE is ROT-13 coded REINER. In my books you will find a lot of code and codes. For the more crazy people, I recommend reading my time traveller book: NOT SAND, NOT SOUND. It shows a travel towards a digital future from the point of the arts and politics


I have studied political science and I was once a member of the PIRATE PARTY, but their management was such a catastrophy so I left before I even was recognised to be a member, so I might have been never one. Fact is, that I claimed to be a NEO PIRATE, whatever this might mean [LOL]. And also that I created the term Politikinformatik

Who knows what comes next? Sadly, I must say that I bought for the Foundation I am running the publishing rights of PAINTINGS FOR HOPE for the Metaverse a week before the war in Ukraine started. PAINTINGS FOR HOPE by my deceased friend Peter Seibt is a political story. Peter painted over many years each day one painting and gave them to a lottery so the message of peace shall spread the world. The project NOMADS.INK will carry the message of him …