Today we will go big. First, we meet Caesar and speak with him in person about history and what was left of his doings. De Bello Gallico, yes this is what stays, the novel I was reading at school. Then we ask The Servant of the People. He will sign his answers as he is too busy to speak to us, but his facial expressions will signal what to do next. And finally, we cannot skip to ask the great democrat, to be precise the flawless [lupenreiner] democrat as once the German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, said. Yes, Putin is meant. Sadly he has no time to join in person for a talk but due to the advanced technology, the META, we will jump in his head and finally understand history.

I said, we go big. We head to the asteroid belt where you can buy a sticker for the cause. A travel to 1709 UKRAINA is expensive. Here are the coordinates …

And as the trip to the asteroid takes a while there will be music on board. Nightwish, Wishmaster will be one song.