Yesterday I was at the Grand Opening of Storms of Steel created by Gem Preiz at CΛRELYNΛ’s ARTCARE GALLERY.


Sadly, the installation can be visited only in the world of Second Life. Storms of Steel on the Marble Cliffs relates to the publication In Stahlgewittern by Ernst Jünger (1895-1998).

Gem Preiz, a fractal artist living in France, creates immersive spaces in the Metaverse. The notecard he reads this way:

In “Storms of Steel” published in 1920 (In Stahlgewittern), the German writer relates with terrifying realism his physical and mental experience as a young man engaged in the heart of the fighting and destruction of the 1st World War.

Almost 20 years later in 1939 on the eve of World War II, and avoiding censorship thanks to his war hero status, he published “On the Marble Cliffs” (Auf den Marmorklippen). In this magnificent metaphorical novel, he describes the resistance against the rising peril of dictatorship, and the refuge that the marble cliffs ultimately provide, figuration of the inner peace and resilience that enable one to overcome barbarism, when it cannot be defeated. The title of these two works inspired that of this exhibition, which strives to make their themes resonate visually: threat and destruction on the one hand, resilience and spiritual peace on the other.

Although tragic current events inspired the idea for this exhibition, it should not be seen as specifically related to Ukraine, as the oppression and the horror of war are universal and timeless. Moreover, it does not aim to advocate any attitude in front of these dangers, especially a form of renunciation or withdrawal, but only to illustrate Jünger’s point : if the victory against barbarism by the fight is justified, it is in the heart of each human being that the ultimate victory, the one of the spirit over violence, must take place.

I decided to take photos from his installation and will put them as rotating images on the homepage of Relay-For-Ukraine.

Gem Preiz does not give much attention to social media. Both accounts, Gem Preiz and Art Kangem are not really active, so I guess to visit him inworld SL or Opensimulator is the best you can do.

There are many publications about the work of Gem Preiz. They reach back to 2013 when he created The Cathedral of Fractals and the Cathedral Dreamer.

Just dreaming that the war might end fast can’t be all. That’s why the Pope must go to Ukraine.

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